Simulating a Maxwellian plasma using an electron beam ion trap

Savin, Daniel Wolf; Beiersdorfer, P.; Brown, G. V.; Kahn, S. M.; Beck, B. R.; Gu, M. F.; Liedahl, D. A.; Scofield, J. H.

We describe a technique for producing a Maxwell–Boltzmann electron energy distribution using an electron beam ion trap (EBIT). The technique was implemented on the Lawrence Livermore EBIT to simulate Maxwellian plasmas. We discuss technical and experimental issues related to these simulations. To verify the fidelity of the quasi-Maxwellian, we have measured line emission due to dielectronic recombination (DR) and electron impact excitation (EIE) of heliumlike neon, magnesium, and argon for a range of simulated electron temperatures. The ratio of DR to EIE lines in heliumlike ions is a well understood electron temperature diagnostic. The spectroscopically inferred quasi-Maxwellian temperatures are in excellent agreement with the simulated temperatures.


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March 29, 2013