Lanson, G., Manuel Bibliographique de la Litterature francaise moderne. I. Seizieme Siecle (Book Review)

Gerig, John L.

The present work, which was composed by M.Lanson with the assistance of a number of his pupils, is merely intended to serve as a guide for students who desire to gain a more thorough knowledge of French literature. Hence, certain chapters (such as the chapter on translations), on which histories of literature give little or no information, have been enlarged; whereas others (cf. the chapter on Ronsard) are intentionally incomplete, inasmuch as abundant information on these subjects can be found without difficulty. Likewise, the chapters on memoirs, letters, administrative and political literature, usually neglected in literary histories, are developed more at length in this manual. Finally, the author has attempted to enlarge the list of reviews and bulletins of learned societies, for much of the useful work on this period is to be found scattered through their pages.

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June 23, 2015


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