Two Traces of the Cycle of Guillaume d'Orange in the Old Spanish Romances

Evers, Helen M.

In his treatise on the old Spanish romances, Sr. M. Menéndez y Pelayo calls attention to a few traces of the epic cycle of Guillaume d'Orange found among the romances of the Carolingian cycle. He mentions particularly El Soldan de Babilonia y el Conde de Narbona, El Almirante Guarinos, and in Valdovinos y el Marques de Mantua, a vow similar to that of Guillaume in Aliscans. Two other fragments of the cycle of Guillaume, which seem not to have been ascribed to their probable sources, occur, one in Valdovinos, the other in a poem concerning Floripes and Gui de Borgoña, which forms one of a series of romances about Charlemagne and his followers. The first part of Valdovinos, which Menéndez y Pelayo considers the oldest part, relates a situation very similar to the famous scene of the death of Vivien. Danes Urgel, Marques de Mantua while hunting, is separated from his followers and loses his way. In the heart of the forest he finds his nephew Valdovinos dying of wounds received through the treachery of Carloto, the son of Charlemagne. The servant of Valdovinos has been sent to find a confessor, and returns, while the marquis is speaking with his nephew, accompanied by a hermit, who administers the last rites to the dying man.

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July 9, 2015


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