Love Me, Love My Ombre, Elle

Spivak, Gayatri C.

The Fall 1981 issue of Diacritics contains Gregory Ulmer's review of La
carte postale: de Socrate ' Freud et au-dela (Paris: Flammarion, 1980), called
"Post-Age." So much of Derrida's work is on the double take that there might be
a virtue in double-taking his latest "book" in the pages of the same journal.
("Double" stands for "indefinite," Derrida frequently implies. Exigencies of the
schedule of journal publication and the time table of an itinerant scholar have
turned the calendar to the Spring of 1984. An indefinite take, then.) Mr. Ulmer
gives an authoritative account of La carte. Some duplication is inevitable but I
shall, by and large, attempt to stay out of his arguments.


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