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Evaluation of DEFINDER: A System to Mine Definitions from Consumer-oriented Medical Text

Klavans, Judith L.; Muresan, Smaranda

In this paper we present DEFINDER, a rule-based system that mines cons umer-oriented full text articles in order to extract definitions and the terms they define. This research is part of Digital Library Project at Columbia University, entitled PERSIVAL (PErsonalized Retrieval and Summarization of Image, Video and Language resources). One goal of the project is to present information to patients in language they can understand. A key component of this stage is to provide accurate and readable lay definitions for technical terms, which may be present in articles of intermediate complexity. The focus of this short paper is on quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the DEFINDER system. Our basis for comparison was definitions from Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), On-line Medical Dictionary (OMD) and Glossary of Popular and Technical Medical Terms (GPTMT). Quantitative evaluations show that DEFINDER obtained 87% precision and 75% recall and reveal the incompleteness of existing resources and the ability of DEFINDER to address gaps. Qualitative evaluation shows that the definitions extracted by our system are ranked higher in terms of user-based criteria of usability and readability than definitions from on-line specialized dictionaries. Thus the output of DEFINDER can be used to enhance existing specialized dictionaries, and also as a key feature in summarizing technical articles for non-specialist users.


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Proceedings of The First ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
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May 3, 2013