An Experiment in Institutional Transformation: The NSF ADVANCE Program for Women at the Earth Institute at Columbia University

Bell, Robin E.; Laird, Jennifer D.; Pfirman, Stephanie L.; Mutter, John Colin; Balstad, Roberta G.; Cane, Mark A.

In response to demands for systemic change across academia, NSF developed the ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Awards in 2001. The objective of these awards is to increase the representation and advancement of women in academia. Based on the brief experience of the ADVANCE Program at Columbia and the collective experiences of ADVANCE Programs at other universities, f ve universal strategies for institutional change seem to be emerging: (1) generate awareness of the problem, (2) develop a widespread understanding of the underlying behaviors, (3) create and codify strategies to recruit and retain more women into academia, (4) provide the tools that will enable women to succeed, and (5) institutionalize accountability.


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