The Multicast Policy and Its Relationship to Replicated Data Placement

Milo, Amir; Wolfson, Ouri

In this paper we consider the communication complexity of maintaining the replicas of a logical data-item, in a database distributed over a computer network. We propose a new method, called the minimum spanning tree write, by which a processor in the network should multicast a write of a logical data-item, to all the processors that store replicas of the item. Then we show that the minimum spanning tree write is optimal from the communication cost point of view. We also demonstrate that the method by which a write is multicast to all the replicas of a data-item, affects the optimal replication scheme of the item, i.e., at which processors in the network the replicas should be located. Therefore, next we consider the problem of determining an optimal replication scheme for a data item, assuming that each processor employs the minimum spanning tree write at run-time. The problem for general networks is shown NP-Complete, but we provide efficient algorithms to obtain an optimal allocation scheme for three common types of network topologies. They are completely-connected, tree, and ring networks. For these topologies, efficient algorithms are also provided for the case in which reliability considerations dictate a minimum number of replicas.



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Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-462-89
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December 23, 2011