3-D model construction using range and image data

Stamos, Ioannis; Allen, Peter K.

This paper deals with the automated creation of geometric and photometric correct 3-D models of the world. Those models can be used for virtual reality, tele-presence, digital cinematography and urban planning applications. The combination of range (dense depth estimates) and image sensing (color information) provides data-sets which allow us to create geometrically correct, photorealistic models of high quality. The 3-D models are first built from range data using a volumetric set intersection method previously developed by us. Photometry can be mapped onto these models by registering features from both the 3-D and 2-D data sets. Range data segmentation algorithms have been developed to identify planar regions, determine linear features from planar intersections that can serve as features for registration with 2-D imagery lines, and reduce the overall complexity of the models. Results are shown for building models of large buildings on our campus using real data acquired from multiple sensors.



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Proceedings: IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, June 13-15, 2000

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November 5, 2012