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The Problematic Nature of Using Western Treatments for PTSD in Non-Western Settings and a Discussion of Culturally Sensitive Interventions

Baldachin, Jenna

In recent years, American clinicians have sought to diagnose and treat individuals with
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder around the world. Despite noble intentions, their faulty
assumption that western treatments for trauma are universally applicable is highly problematic.
Culture has an immeasurable impact on trauma that can range from differences in interpretations
of traumatic events to symptoms of disordered behavior to societal norms about interventions.
Most often, these issues become apparent in treatment settings, during which problems arise
from the use of western methodology on non-western individuals. For this reason, some
culturally sensitive psychotherapists have recognized the need for more culturally adjustable
treatments and have adapted traditional western interventions for use with other populations.
Recognizing the impact of ethnocultural factors on reactions to trauma and treatment is
imperative if psychologists want to truly help individuals who are suffering from traumatic
experiences around the world.



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Psychology (Barnard College)
B.A., Barnard College
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May 13, 2011