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Building on Redundancy: Factoid Question Answering, Robust Retrieval and the “Other”

Roussinov, Dmitri; Chau, Micheal; Filatova, Elena; Robles-Flores, Jose Antonio

We have explored how redundancy based techniques can be used in improving factoid question answering, definitional questions (“other”), and robust retrieval. For the factoids, we explored the meta approach: we submit the questions to the several open domain question answering systems available on the Web and applied our redundancy-based triangulation algorithm to analyze their outputs in order to identify the most promising answers. Our results support the added value of the meta approach: the performance of the combined system surpassed the underlying performances of its components. To answer definitional (“other”) questions, we were looking for the sentences containing re-occurring pairs of noun entities containing the elements of the target. For Robust retrieval, we applied our redundancy based Internet mining technique to identify the concepts (single word terms or phrases) that were highly related to the topic (query) and expanded the queries with them. All our results are above the mean performance in the categories in which we have participated, with one of our Robust runs being the best in its category among all 24 participants. Overall, our findings support the hypothesis that using as much as possible textual data, specifically such as mined from the World Wide Web, is extre mely promising and capable of achieving results comparable with more knowledge intensive techniques.


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Proceedings of TREC 2005
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June 12, 2013