The United Nations Peacekeeping and Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict Societies

Maturu, Sweta

The United Nations frequently engages in peacekeeping activities in post-conflict societies in order to build and sustain peace. A crucial component of the durability of peace is the rule of law. While there is extensive empirical literature on the effect of UN peacekeeping on the durability of peace in a post-conflict setting, there is little literature that empirically examines whether UN peacekeeping can improve the rule of law in a post-conflict state. This study uses data to determine whether UN peacekeeping has a positive effect on the quality of rule of law in post-conflict settings. Using regression and matching analysis, this study does not find evidence that peacekeeping influences the rule of law in a post-conflict setting in either a positive or negative direction. Even so, the "non-findings" of this study have implications for policy makers who wish to have post-conflict peace building efforts in order to improve the rule of law.


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February 14, 2014