DotSlash: Providing Dynamic Scalability to Web Applications with On-demand Distributed Query Result Caching

Zhao, Weibin; Schulzrinne, Henning G.

Scalability poses a significant challenge for today's web applications, mainly due to the large population of potential users. To effectively address the problem of short-term dramatic load spikes caused by web hotspots, we developed a self-configuring and scalable rescue system called DotSlash. The primary goal of our system is to provide dynamic scalability to web applications by enabling a web site to obtain resources dynamically, and use them autonomically without any administrative intervention. To address the database server bottleneck, DotSlash allows a web site to set up on-demand distributed query result caching, which greatly reduces the database workload for read mostly databases, and thus increases the request rate supported at a DotSlash-enabled web site. The novelty of our work is that our query result caching is on demand, and operated based on load conditions. The caching remains inactive as long as the load is normal, but is activated once the load is heavy. This approach offers good data consistency during normal load situations, and good scalability with relaxed data consistency for heavy load periods. We have built a prototype system for the widely used LAMP configuration, and evaluated our system using the RUBBoS bulletin board benchmark. Experiments show that a DotSlash-enhanced web site can improve the maximum request rate supported by a factor of 5 using 8 rescue servers for the RUBBoS submission mix, and by a factor of 10 using 15 rescue servers for the RUBBoS read-only mix.



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Academic Units
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-035-05
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April 21, 2011