Initiation propagation and termination of elastodynamic ruptures
associated with segmentation of faults and shaking hazard

Shaw, Bruce E.

Using a model of a complex fault system, we examine the initiation, propagation, and termination of ruptures and their relationship to fault geometry and shaking hazard. We find concentrations of epicenters near fault step overs and ends; concentrations of terminations near fault ends; and persistent propagation directivity effects. Taking advantage of long sequences of dynamic events, we directly measure shaking hazards, such as peak ground acceleration exceedance probabilities, without need for additional assumptions. This provides a new tool for exploring shaking hazard from a physics-based perspective, its dependence on various physical parameters, and its correlation with other geological and seismological observables. Using this capability, we find some significant aspects of the shaking hazard can be anticipated by measures of the epicenters. In particular, asymmetries in the relative peak ground motion hazard along the faults appear well correlated with asymmetries in epicentral locations.


Also Published In

Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth

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