An Experimental Hybrid User Interface for Collaboration

Butz, Andreas; Hollerer, Tobias; Beshers, Clifford; Feiner, Steven K.; MacIntyre, Blair

We present EMMIE (Environment Management for Multi-user Information Environments), an experimental user interface to a collaborative augmented environment. Users share a 3D virtual space and manipulate virtual objects representing information to be discussed. This approach not only allows for cooperation in a shared physical space, but also addresses tele-collaboration in physically separate but virtually shared spaces. We refer to EMMIE as a hybrid user interface because it combines a variety of different technologies and techniques, including virtual elements such as 3D widgets, and physical objects such as tracked displays and input devices. See-through head-worn displays overlay the virtual environment on the physical environment. Our research prototype includes additional 2D and 3D displays, ranging from palm-sized to wall-sized, allowing the most appropriate one to be used for any task. Objects can be moved among displays (including across dimensionalities) through drag & drop. In analogy to 2D window managers, we describe a prototype implementation of a shared 3Denvironment manager that is distributed across displays, machines, and operating systems. We also discuss two methods we are exploring for handling information privacy in such an environment.



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Academic Units
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-005-99
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April 21, 2011