Interactive complexity control and high-speed stereo matching

Roman, Gruia-Catalin; Laine, Andrew F.; Cox, Kenneth C.

The authors are concerned with the development of a novel approach to edge-based stereo matching. In the context of an incremental matching strategy the authors have replaced the traditional hierarchical (coarse-fine) matching by an approach called complexity control based matching. The implementation of this method allows the user to select interactively features which (given the context provided by previous matches) are most likely to be matched successfully. The selection is done at the resolution of the original image and utilizes a rich set of feature properties (e.g. edge strength, orientation, length, texture etc.), either alone or in logical combinations. Both feature-selection and feature-matching algorithms execute at real-time rates, and all interactions are via a stereo workstation.


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Proceedings : CVPR '88, the Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 5-9, 1988, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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August 18, 2010