Low-energy electron capture by Ne2+ ions from H(D)

Savin, Daniel Wolf; Seredyuk, B.; Bruhns, H.; Seely, D. G.; Aliabadi, H.; Galutschek, E.; Havener, C. C.

Using the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) ion-atom merged-beams apparatus, the absolute, total single-electron-capture cross section has been measured for collisions of Ne2+ with deuterium (D) at center-of-mass (c.m.) collision energies of 59–949 eV∕u. With the high-velocity ion beams now available at the ORNL Multicharged Ion Research Facility, we have extended our previous merged-beams measurement to lower c.m. collision energies. The data are compared to all four previously published measurements for Ne2++H(D) which differ considerably from one another at energies ≲600 eV∕u. We are unaware of any published theoretical cross-section data for Ne2++H(D) at the energies studied. Early quantal rate coefficient calculations for Ne2++H at eV/u energies suggest a cross section many orders of magnitude below previous measurements of the cross section at 40 eV∕u which is the lowest collision energy for which experimental results have been published. Here we compare our measurements to recent theoretical electron-capture results for He2++H. Both the experimental and theoretical results show a decreasing cross section with decreasing energy.


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March 27, 2013