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Ecumenical Diaconical Work as a Cultural Contribution to the Humanization of our Contemporary Society

Munteanu, Daniel

Diaconical work as an exercise of the service in the need of the destitute is called Service of Christ and Praising of God. Diaconical work reflects the “kingdom of heaven as kingdom of charity” and is at the same time an expression of the liturgical anticipation of God’s eschatological coming. This anticipation happens by the Holy Spirit, who helps people to overcome the sinful self-centering solipsism, and egoism. The reason Diaconical work never leads to narcissistic imagination and self-admiration lies in the fact that every act of love: love of neighbors, creation, and God. The Christian as a deacon sees the other with the eyes of the everlasting love of God and recognizes the dignity as a subject on which this love of God is oriented. Christian Diaconical work is not only Christocentric but also pneumato-centric. It assumes, therefore, not only pneumatology, but also certain anthropology.



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Philanthropy and Social Compassion in Eastern Orthodox Tradition: Papers of the Sophia Institute Academic Conference, New York, Dec. 2009

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September 14, 2011
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