Convection-Enhanced Delivery for Targeted Delivery of Antiglioma Agents: The Translational Experience

Yun, Jonathan; Rothrock, Robert J.; Canoll, Peter D.; Bruce, Jeffrey N.

Recent improvements in the understanding of glioblastoma (GBM) have allowed for increased ability to develop specific, targeted therapies. In parallel, however, there is a need for effective methods of delivery to circumvent the therapeutic obstacles presented by the blood-brain barrier and systemic side effects. The ideal delivery system should allow for adequate targeting of the tumor while minimizing systemic exposure, applicability across a wide range of potential therapies, and have existing safe and efficacious systems that allow for widespread application. Though many alternatives to systemic delivery have been developed, this paper will focus on our experience with convection-enhanced delivery (CED) and our focus on translating this technology from pre-clinical studies to the treatment of human GBM.


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Journal of Drug Delivery

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May 7, 2013