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Extension of OKID to Output-Only System Identification

Vicario, Francesco; Phan, Minh Q.; Betti, Raimondo; Longman, Richard W.

Observer/Kalman filter IDentification (OKID) is a successful approach for the estimation, from measured input-output data, of the linear state-space model describing the dynamic behavior of a structure. From such a mathematical model, it is possible to recover the modal parameters, which can be exploited to update a detailed numerical model of the structure, e.g. a Finite Element Model (FEM), to be used to predict the structural response to future excitation and to evaluate damage scenarios. This paper extends OKID to output-only system identification, i.e. to the case where only the response of the structure is measured and the input is unknown. The approach is suitable for structural health monitoring based on modal parameters, in particular for those civil infrastructures whose excitation is random in nature and in the way it is applied to the structure (e.g. wind, traffic) and therefore is difficult to measure. The paper rigorously proves the applicability of the OKID approach to the output-only case, presents the resulting new algorithms and demonstrates them via a numerical example.


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Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
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January 5, 2016


This work was presented at the 6th World Conference on Structural Control and Monitoring, Barcelona, Spain, July 2014.