Paleomagnetism and Magnetic Properties of Igneous Rock Samples—Leg 38

Kent, Dennis V.; Opdyke, Neil D.

Basaltic rock was recovered from nine sites on Leg 38. Initially, one to three partially oriented specimens in the form of right-circular cylinders, 2.5 cm in diameter and 2.5 cm high, were obtained from each of these sites for preliminary magnetic studies. The studies included measurement of intensity and direction of remanent magnetism, susceptibility, stability of remanence against alternating fields, and thermomagnetic characteristics. Additional samples were taken subsequently from cores some of the sites in order to resolve some discrepancies apparent in our initial observations, particularly at Site 336, as well as between these and measurements on the same rocks made by Russian workers. Results from the additional samples are incorporated in this report.



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September 7, 2011