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A WOz Variant with Contrastive Conditions

Levin, Esther; Passonneau, Rebecca

We present a variant of the WOz paradigm we refer to as incremental ablation. The new feature involves incrementally restricting the human wizard’s capacities in the direction of a dialog system. We lay out a data collection design with six conditions of user-system and user-wizard interactions that allows us to more precisely identify how to close the communication gap between humans and systems. We describe the application of the method to analysis of contexts in which ASR errors occur, giving us a means to investigate the problem solving strategies humans would resort to if their communication channel were restricted to be more like the machine’s. We describe how we can use the methodology to collect data that is more relevant to a particular learning paradigm involving Markov Decision Processes (MDP).


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Computer Science
Proceedings of the Interspeech Sattelite Workshop, Dialogue on Dialogues: Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Advanced Speech-based Interactive Systems
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July 5, 2013