Permanently Beta: Responsive Organization in the Internet Era

Neff, Gina; Stark, David C.

How has the Internet influenced economic organization? Many approach this question strictly economically by examining the productivity gains from particular technological advances or the roles that dot-coms and other internet-based organizations play in the economy. The authors approach this question differently. They move away from a macro-social analysis and consider the co-evolution of new technologies and organizational forms. In other words, how has the process of technological change in the Internet era influenced the way we organize economic activities? In this paper, they discuss how information technologies foster the emergent design and user-driven design of websites and other online media, as well as products and organizations off-line. We also consider how to mitigate the social costs of these changes.


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Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy
Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University
ISERP Working Papers, 02-05
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August 23, 2010


December 2002.