Ownership of New Works at the University: Unbundling of Rights and the Pursuit of Higher Learning

Crews, Kenneth D.; Consortium for Educational Technology for University Systems

This booklet offers a framework for present and future discussions of issues surrounding the ownership of intellectual property. It addresses three concepts which are important for education and for the creation and use of information. First, the initial ownership of newly created intellectual property in traditional university settings, and the subsequent disposition of the associated ownership rights, often has been unguided—sometimes to the detriment of teaching, learning, and research. Second, the effectiveness of higher education requires a better understanding of how ownership rights associated with new intellectual property promote the mutual benefit of faculty, staff, students and their learning communities. Third, new models for the allocation of intellectual rights must be considered and designed which anticipate the influence of new technologies on teaching, learning, research, and creative activity in American universities.


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February 25, 2011