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Fundamental Study of Optical Threshold Layer Approach Towards Double Exposure Lithography

Gu, Xinyu; Berro, Adam J.; Cho, Younjin; Jen, Kane; Lee, Saul; Nagai, Tomoki; Ogata, Toshiyuki; Durand, William J.; Sundaresan, Arun K.; Lancaster, Jeffrey R.; Jockusch, Steffen; Zimmerman, Paul; Turro, Nicholas J.; Willson, C. Grant

Intermediate state two-photon (ISTP) photoacid generator (PAG) and optical threshold layer (OTL) approaches to double exposure lithography have been explored. We have synthesized "transparent" PAG and sensitizer compounds for use in ISTP systems and have demonstrated the possibility of utilizing such energy transfer systems to generate acid. We have also synthesized side chain liquid crystalline polymers and small molecule azobenzene compounds for use in OTL applications and have begun photoswitching studies.


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Proceedings of SPIE
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72731C-1 - 72731C-11
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