Rejuvenation of Biofertiliser for Sustainable Agriculture Economic Development (SAED)

Mishra, Pallabi; Dash, Debiprasad

Thesis: The economy of India thrives on agriculture. Agriculture is the most practiced occupation by Indians. For agriculture fertilizer is very much essential to enhance proper growth and yield of crops. Of late farmers have been using chemical fertilizers for quicker and better yield. But this causes hazards to the ecosystem, soil and plant, human and animal lives. Biofertilisers which are naturally grown not only give a better yield but also are harmless to us. This paper aims at studying the rejuvenation of biofertiliser for sustainable agriculture economic development (SAED) in comparison to chemical fertilisers.

Methodology: Azolla has been taken for the study conducted as a green manure and dual crop. Field experiments were conducted on Azolla. The study was undertaken in the district of Balasore of Odisha. The results show that the yield, the number of tillers, plant height, profit to farmers and the benefit to cost ratio of azolla was higher than chemical fertilizer as a green manure and dual crop leading to better sustainable agriculture economic development (SAED). This further proves that rejuvenating biofertilisers would lead to better sustainable economic development for the farmers and the country.

Contribution to other disciplines: Further this paper contributes to the discipline of management, economics, agriculture and commerce.

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Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development

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December 8, 2015