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"Stores of Memory": An Oral History of Multigenerational Jewish Family Businesses in the Lower East Side

Zapol, Liza

“L’Dor V’dor” is an Aramaic phrase that means “from generation to generation.” These words on my lips have been repeated by many Jewish relatives before me, for thousands of years. Nestled in prayer, we speak together. I remember how my father spoke them, how my grandmother spoke them, L’Dor V’Dor, means from generation to generation.

L’Dor V’dor”—Dor, that word, also means place, habitation. From place to place we carry our memories. Imagine how your ancestors lived, breathed, moved, worked. Are there some things that you still do, some habits that you still carry out, some stories that you tell? What has stayed with you from place to place? What stories do you carry with you from generation to generation?


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Academic Units
Oral History Master of Arts
Thesis Advisors
Sussewell, Ruksana
M.A., Columbia University
Published Here
May 26, 2011

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