Low-energy charge transfer for collisions of Si3+ with atomic hydrogen

Savin, Daniel Wolf; Bruhns, H.; Kreckel, H.; Seely, D. G.; Havener, C. C.

Cross sections of charge transfer for Si3+ ions with atomic hydrogen at collision energies of ≈40–2500 eV/u were carried out using a merged-beam technique at the Multicharged Ion Research Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The data span an energy range in which both molecular orbital close coupling (MOCC) and classical trajectory Monte Carlo (CTMC) calculations are available. The influence of quantum mechanical effects of the ionic core as predicted by MOCC is clearly seen in our results. However, discrepancies between our experiment and MOCC results toward higher collision energies are observed. At energies above 1000 eV/u good agreement is found with CTMC results.


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March 27, 2013