DADO: A Parallel Processor for Expert Systems

Stolfo, Salvatore; Miranker, Daniel P.

DADO is a parallel, tree-structured machine designed to provide significant performance improvements in the execution of large expert systems implemented in production system form. A full-scale version of the DADO machine would comprise a large (on the order of a hundred thousand) set of processing elements (PE's), each containing its own processor, a small amount (16K bytes, in the current prototype design) of local random access memory, and a specialized I/O switch. The PE's are introduced to form a complete binary tree. This paper describes the application domain of the DADO machine and the rationale for its design. We then focus on the machine architecture and detail the hardware design of a moderately large prototype comprising 1023 microprocessors currently under development at Columbia University. We conclude with very encouraging performance statistics recently calculated from an analysis of extensive simulations of the system.



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Academic Units
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-122-84
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February 17, 2012