Towards a better definition of the Middle Triassic magnetostratigraphy and biostratigraphy in the Tethyan realm

Muttoni, Giovanni; Kent, Dennis V.; Meco, Selam; Balini, Marco; Nicora, Alda; Rettori, Roberto; Gaetani, Maurizio; Krystyn, Leopold

Magnetostratigraphic and biostratigraphic data for the Middle Triassic (Anisian) were obtained from the Han-Bulog facies in the Nderlysaj section from the Albanian Alps and the Dont and Bivera formations in the Dont–Monte Rite composite section from the Dolomites region of northern Italy. The Nderlysaj section is biochronologically bracketed between the late Bithynian and early Illyrian substages (i.e., late-early and early-late Anisian), whereas the Dont–Monte Rite section comprises the late Pelsonian and the early Illyrian substages. The data from Nderlysaj and Dont–Monte Rite, in conjunction with already published data, allow us to construct a nearly complete composite geomagnetic polarity sequence tied to Tethyan ammonoid and conodont biostratigraphy from the late Olenekian (late-Early Triassic) to the late Ladinian (late-Middle Triassic). New conodont data require revision of the published age of the Vlichos section (Greece).

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December 6, 2011