SparseLab Architecture

Donoho, David L.; Stodden, Victoria C.; Tsaig, Yaakov

Changes and Enhancements for Release 2.0: 4 papers have been added to SparseLab 2.0: "Fast Solution of l1-norm Minimization Problems When the Solutions May be Sparse"; "Why Simple Shrinkage is Still Relevant For Redundant Representations"; "Stable Recovery of Sparse Overcomplete Representations in the Presence of Noise"; "On the Stability of Basis Pursuit in the Presence of Noise." This document describes the architecture of SparseLab version 2.0. It is designed for users who already have had day-to-day interaction with the package and now need specific details about the architecture of the package, for example to modify components for their own research.


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October 11, 2011