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Varying Input Segmentation for Story Boundary Detection in English, Arabic and Mandarin Broadcast News: Presentation Powerpoint Slides

Hirschberg, Julia Bell; Rosenberg, Andrew; Sharifi, Mehrbod

Story segmentation of news broadcasts has been shown to improve the accuracy of the subsequent processes such as question answering and information retrieval. In previous work, a decision tree trained on automatically extracted lexical and acoustic features was trained to predict story boundaries, using hypothesized sentence boundaries to define potential story boundaries. In this paper, we empirically evaluate several alternatives to choice of segmentation on three languages: English, Mandarin and Arabic. Our results suggest that the best performance can be achieved by using 250ms pause-based segmentation or sentence boundaries determined using a very low confidence score threshold.


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Computer Science
Proceedings of Interspeech 2007
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August 7, 2013


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