Application of Laser Photolysis to the Study of Reactive Intermediates

Turro, Nicholas J.; Aikawa, Masayuki; Butcher, Jared A.

Excimer laser flash photolysis in the study of diphenyl carbene (DPC) reveals the presence of at least three transient species produced by excitation of a precursor at 249 nm in isooctane solution at room temperature depending on the concentration of O2 present. In an aerated solution, a fast first-order decay assigned to 3DPC leads to the formation of an unassigned species which also decays by first order kinetics to produce the observed product Ph2CO. In degassed solution, the fast first-order decay of a species to produce 3DPC which decays by second-order kinetics to produce the dimeric products observed.


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IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics

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July 30, 2010