Experimental rate coefficient for dielectronic recombination of neonlike iron forming sodiumlike iron

Schmidt, E. W.; Bernhardt, D.; Hoffmann, J.; Lestinsky, M.; Lukic, D. V.; Muller, A.; Orlov, D. A.; Savin, Daniel Wolf; Schippers, S.; Wolf, A.

The rate coefficient for dielectronic recombination (DR) of Ne-like Fe16+ forming Na-like Fe15+ was measured employing the merged electron-ion beams technique at the heavy-ion storage-ring TSR of the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik in Heidelberg, Germany. In the electron-ion collision energy range of 240–840 eV the merged-beams recombination rate coefficient is dominated by DR associated with 2s2 2p6 1S0 → 2s2 2p5 3d 1P1 core excitation. The experimental Fe16+ DR plasma rate coefficient is derived from the measured merged-beams rate coefficient. It is in good agreement with recent theoretical results.


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Journal of Physics: Conference Series

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April 5, 2013


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