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Annotation of Children's Oral Narrations: Modeling Emergent Narrative Skills for Computational Applications

Passonneau, Rebecca; Goodkind, Adam; Levy, Elena T.

We present an annotation method for developing a model of children’s comprehension that differentiates between their recall for the objective content of a story and inferred content. We apply the annotation method to a corpus of retellings, in which children retell the same story on three successive days. Our results indicate differences over time: on Day three, children have a more evenly distributed recall of events through- out the story, and include significantly more inferences. The results suggest a cognitive bootstrapping effect. We discuss the potential for application to diagnostic assessment of children’s narrative skills and tutorial applications.


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Computer Science
Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS-20)
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July 22, 2013