An analysis of establishing the natural order of water at interfaces with Biological Systems

Zavarella, Marc

Water interacts with various biomolecular surfaces in a complex and often counterintuitive manner. The analysis of these molecular interactions and the relationship that evolves in the system is of a phenomenon that is not greatly understood. Here I will discuss the process-property-function that is associated when biological structures are placed in models for observation with water at the molecular and microscopic levels. Case studies will be presented to explain the dynamic nature of water and its nebulous tendency to conform and behave differently when presented with a different biological interface. This perspective will give us an insight into understanding this often ignored yet critical piece of the thermodynamic functionality water has with biological structures. I will also introduce cutting edge research using the knowledge gained at the pico and nano levels and applying these physical and biological concepts. This review will discuss the basic interpretations of these concepts and the path forward to gain a deeper understanding of the biological interaction with water.


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Health Policy and Management
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December 21, 2016