Image Understanding and Robotics Research at Columbia University

Kender, John R.; Allen, Peter K.; Boult, Terrance E.

Over the past year, the research investigations of the Vision/Robotics Laboratory at Columbia University have reflected the interests of its four faculty members, two staff programmers, and 16 Ph.D. students. Several of the projects involve other faculty members in the department or the university, or researchers at AT&T, IBM, or Philips. We list below a summary of our interests and results, together with the principal researchers associated with them. Since it is difficult to separate those aspects of robotic research that are purely visual from those that are vision-like (for example, tactile sensing) or vision-related (for example, integrated vision-robotic systems), we have listed all robotic research that is not purely manipulative. The majority of our current investigations are deepenings of work reported last year; this was the second year of both our basic Image Understanding contract and our Strategic Computing contract. Therefore, the form of this year's report closely resembles last year's. Although there are a few new initiatives, mainly we report the new results we have obtained in the same five basic research areas. Much of this work is summarized on a video tape that is available on request. We also note two service contributions this past year. The Special Issue on Computer Vision of the Proceedings of the IEEE, August, 1988, was co-edited by one of us (John Kender [27]). And, the upcoming IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattem Recognition, June, 1989, is co-program chaired by one of us (John Kender [23]).



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January 20, 2012