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Reflections on a Reform: Inside the Moroccan Family Code

Salia, Rachel

"The date is 1999, and the new King Mohammed VI has ascended to Morocco’s
throne. In addition to taking on the illustrious title of King of the modern state of
Morocco, he also takes on the title of ‚Commander of the Faithful,‛ a historical title that
connects the legitimacy of his role to the religious actions that he undertakes. His first
speech focuses on his project as the new King, which consists of the continuation of a
dynasty while bringing Morocco into accordance with international human rights law.
He questions how Morocco can move forward without equal rights for women and
therefore for all people. Regarded as the ‚King of the Poor,‛ he focuses on how he can
improve the conditions of Moroccans throughout the country through the integration of women into Moroccan society.2 The combination of tradition and modernization is
encapsulated within the Mudawwana, or the Moroccan family code."

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Howell, Martha C.
B.A., Columbia University
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May 6, 2011