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The Reach of a Long-Arm Stapler: Calling in Microaggressions in the LIS Field through Zine Work

Arroyo-Ramirez, Elvia; Chou, Rose L.; Freedman, Jenna; Fujita, Simone; Orozco, Cynthia Mari

Since its inception in March 2014, the LIS Microaggressions project ( has grown as an online source and zine publication for library and information science (LIS) workers from marginalized communities to share their experiences with microaggressions in the workplace. This article will examine the project’s efforts to move conversations on diversity, race, racism, and antiracism in the LIS field to transgressive and actionable steps. Through conference presentations, zinemaking workshops, and distribution of zines at LIS conferences, the LIS Microaggressions collective wishes to “call in” or otherwise actively engage the LIS profession for critical reflection and analysis about microaggressions in the workplace with the ultimate goal of fostering support and a participatory community for library workers dealing with microaggressions.


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November 20, 2018
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