Japan and Its Future Role at the UN: An Interview With the Ambassador of Japan

Ponzio, Richard

"Japan attaches great importance to the upcoming UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and its preparatory process. Japan is particularly concerned about the ongoing negotiations on the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the forest agreement, which it hopes will be completed in time for the UNCED. Contrary to industrial giants, like the United States who have failed to set limits for emissions of gases that contribute to global warning, Japan has been committed to making the sacrifices necessary to foster environmentally sound and sustainable development. The delegation representing Japan is also a key contributor to the development of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) which provides grants to be used to explore ways of assisting developing countries to protect the global environment and to transfer environmentally benign technologies. Japan is again taking a leadership role in addressing global environmental issues while countries such as the United States refuse to contribute to the core fund of the GEF. In the past three years, Japan has committed itself to providing 300 billion yen ($2.2 billion) in bilateral and multilateral assistance to protect the environment. As the concern for environmental balance grows in the world, Japan, with its technical expertise and financial resources, is at the cutting edge in formulating solutions.
The following interview with the Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Yoshio Hatano, was held on 20 February 1991, two weeks prior to the fourth and final preparatory committee meeting for the UNCED."--from page 4

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February 14, 2014