Reevaluation of experiments and new theoretical calculations for electron-impact excitation of C3+

Savin, Daniel Wolf; Janzen, P. H.; Gardner, L. D.; Reisenfeld, D. B.; Kohl, J. L.; Bartschat, K.

Experimental absolute-rate coefficients for electron-impact excitation of C3+ (2s2S1/2→2p2P1/2,3/2) near threshold [D. W. Savin, L. D. Gardner, D. B. Reisenfeld, A. R. Young, and J. L. Kohl, Phys. Rev. A 51, 2162 (1995)] have been reanalyzed to include a more accurate determination of optical efficiency and revised radiometric uncertainties which reduce the total systematic uncertainty of the results. Also, new R matrix with pseudostates (RMPS) calculations for this transition near threshold are presented. Comparison of the RMPS results to those of simpler close-coupling calculations indicates the importance of accounting for target continuum effects. The reanalyzed results of Savin et al. are in excellent agreement with the RMPS calculations; comparisons are also made to other measurements of this excitation. Agreement with the RMPS results is better for fluorescence technique measurements than for electron-energy-loss measurements.


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March 29, 2013