High-Level Optimization by Combining Retiming and Shannon Decomposition

Soviani, Cristian; Tardieu, Olivier; Edwards, Stephen A.

Applying Shannon decomposition can reshape sequential circuits and improve opportunities for retiming. Both Shannon decomposition and retiming only rely on limited information about combinational blocks (timing estimates), so both techniques are suitable for high-level synthesis. We describe an efficient algorithm to preprocess a circuit using Shannon decomposition to increase retiming efficacy. It assembles complex chains of Shannon decompositions while carefully avoiding parallel ones in order to limit the area overhead due to logic duplication. We compare a traditional retiming flow with the same flow augmented with our algorithm. Although our algorithm provides no improvement on half of our benchmarks, for the other half we obtain a 25% speed-up on average (7% to 61%), while only increasing area by 5% (3% to 12%).



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Proceedings of the 14th International Workshop on Logic and Synthesis, June 8-10, 2005, Lake Arrowhead, Calif.

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March 8, 2012