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The mechanical response of the mouse cervix to tensile cyclic loading in term and preterm pregnancy: Data

Jayyosi, Charles; Lee, Nicole; Willcockson, Alexandra; Nallasamy, Shanmugasundaram; Mahendroo, Mala; Myers, Kristin M.

These files contain mechanical data from a study evaluating the cyclic tensile loading properties of mouse cervices in normal gestation and 2 models of preterm birth.

The exp_data folder contains a .xlsx files corresponding to each tested sample. Each file includes the experimental cyclic tensile data.

The name of the file indicates the sample ID, which includes the the gestation day (NP = nonpregnant, d6 = gestation day 6, d12 = gestation day 12, d15 = gestation day 15, d18 = gestation day 18, d15LPS = infection PTB model on day 15, d15LPSsham = sham procedure of the infection model on day 15, d15RU486 = hormone withdrawal PTB model on day 15) and the sample number identifier. For example, “NP_1_raw_data” corresponds to the experimental data for nonpregnant sample #1 and “d6_3_raw_data” corresponds to the experimental data for gestation day 6 sample #3.

In these files, the columns correspond to: the time [s], force [N], averaged cervical opening [mm], standard deviation of the cervical opening [mm], average width [mm], standard deviation of the width [mm], average length [mm], standard deviation of the length [mm], average height [mm], standard deviation of the height [mm], of the cervical sample. The cervical opening, average and standard deviation of the width, length, height, are determined via camera images. The time and force measurements are data from the universal testing machine.


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August 2, 2018