A Clean-Slate Design for the Next-Generation Secure Internet

Bellovin, Steven Michael; Clark, David D.; Perrig, Adrian; Song, Dawn

This is the report on a workshop held at CMU on July 12-14, 2005. The workshop is part of the planning process initiated by NSF to explore potential architectures for a next generation secure network designed to meet the needs of the 21st century. In considering future architectures, we ignore issues of backward compatibility with the current Internet but seek to benefit from the experience gained by analyzing both the strengths and weaknesses of the current design. Specifically, this workshop looks at the fundamental interplay between security and underlying network architecture and seeks to chart a preliminary course for future work in this crucial research area. This workshop focused on initiating a productive dialog between experts from the network security and network architecture communities. The agenda was arranged to stimulate initial consideration of the security goals for a new Internet, the design space of possible solutions, how research in security and network architecture could be integrated so that security is included as a first-tier objective in future architectures, and to explore methods for identifying and considering the social consequences of these architecture and security design choices.



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June 29, 2010