Communicating Your Research: Social Media and the Research Cycle

Koh, Adeline; Risam, Roopika; Drew, Joshua Adam; Czerniewicz, Laura; Whitley, Sheri M.; Center for Digital Research and Scholarship

At every stage in the research cycle -- planning, researching, preserving, publishing, and distributing -- social media is being used by researchers and scholars to communicate, collaborate, promote their research, and debate. As scholars increasingly move their work to the web, conversations that previously took place within campus walls are now open for the world to pitch in. The benefits of using social media in the academy have been cited, among myriad others, as democratization, widening participation, and engaging new audiences on a global level. But these rapid changes come with challenges: steep learning curves in new technologies for many, committing to public engagement, and embedding social media in everyday work flows.

In this Research Without Borders event, hosted by Columbia University's Center for Digital Research and Scholarship's Scholarly Communication Program, panelists Adeline Koh, Roopika Risam, Joshua Drew, and Laura Czerniewicz discuss how social media is changing the way researchers and scholars communicate with each other, on their campuses, and with the public.


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