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Stage Managing while Cruising The Dream

Capobianco, Christina Ann

Before reading this thesis, one must understand what the role of a stage manager entails. In The Backstage Guide to Stage Management 2 nd Edition, Tom Kelly has created his own definition that identifies the persona and skills of a stage manager. To fully understand the role, and observer must first grasp that although stage managers may have similar functions and job descriptions, no two positions are the same. It depends on the role they are partaking in and whether or not they abide under a particular contract or union. Stage Managers are responsible and adaptable communicators who have the ability to handle and coordinate diverse groups of artistic personalities with tactful discipline and a sense of humor. They establish a creative environment by combining the ability to prioritize and anticipate and solve problems, with calm sensitivity and grace under pressure. Their ability to do the above stems from organizational ability, acquired technical knowledge (sound, music, lights, design, and construction, typing, use of computers, and so on), familiarity with union requirements, and an inspirational personality that creates positive energy". In effort to elaborate on the practical application of the above definition, this thesis will feature the experience of an Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) for Disney Cruise Line (DCL) on the Disney Dream ship. It will also describe in detail the training procedures for this position; compare the ASM role on a ship to a trained assistant stage manager on land, and assess the external factor of life on board a cruise ship. The responsibilities discussed will include the following: time commitment required of a Disney Cruise Line ASM, paperwork created, challenges faced, direct reports, rehearsals, challenging weather conditions, and the benefits of ship work to young stage managers. This thesis will maintain a focus on Disney etiquette and the importance of keeping the magic of Disney alive while at all times providing an excellent show.


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M.F.A., Columbia University
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October 3, 2014