Microtubules and actin filaments "cross-talk" in cell migration : role of the formin mDia and the tumor suppressor APC

Bartolini, Francesca

Cell migration is a fundamental process throughout the lives of multicellular organisms as well as in the onset of several diseases including cancer formation and metastasis. Microtubules (MTs) and filamentous actin, the two major components of the internal scaffolding of all cell types, are important in several steps of the cell migration cycle and understanding their mutual regulation or "cross-talk" may lead to the development of treatments for controlling tumor invasion or severe developmental aberrations such as some forms of mental retardation. In this paper, I will present an overview on the importance of studying the biochemistry of molecules involved in the regulation of both types of cytoskeleton and summarize my results on the characterization of two key modulators of cell architecture: the actin nucleator mDia and the tumor suppressor Adenomatous Polyposis Coli protein or APC.


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March 29, 2011


October 2007.