Micro-Raman spectroscopic visualization of lattice vibrations and strain in He+- implanted single-crystal LiNbO3

Huang, Hsu-Cheng; Dadap, Jerry I.; Herman, Irving P.; Bakhru, Hassaram; Osgood, Jr., Richard M.

Scanning micro-Raman spectroscopy has been utilized to image and investigate strain in He+-implanted congruent LiNbO3 samples. By using abruptly patterned implanted samples, we show that the spatial two-dimensional mapping of the Raman spectral peaks can be used to image the strain distribution and determine its absolute magnitude. We demonstrate that both short- and long-range length-scale in-plane and out-of-plane strain and stress states can be determined using the secular equations of phonon-deformation-potential theory. We also show that two-dimensional Raman imaging can be used to visualize the relaxation of strain in the crystal during low-temperature annealing.


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March 27, 2014