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Studying the Effects of Galactic and Extragalactic Foregrounds on Cosmic Microwave Background Observations

Abitbol, Maximilian H.

Cosmic microwave background observations have been fundamental in forming the standard model of cosmology. Ongoing and upcoming cosmic microwave background experiments aim to confirm this model and push the boundaries of our knowledge to the very first moments of the Universe. Non-cosmological microwave radiation from the Galaxy and beyond, called foregrounds, obscures and contaminates these measurements. Understanding the sources and effects of foregrounds and removing their imprint in cosmic microwave background observations is a major obstacle to making cosmological inferences. This thesis contains my work studying these foregrounds. First, I will present observations of a well-known but poorly understood foreground called anomalous microwave emission. Second, I will present results forecasting the capability of a next-generation satellite experiment to detect cosmic microwave background spectral distortions in the presence of foregrounds. Third, I will present results studying the effect of foregrounds on the cosmic microwave background self-calibration method, which allows experiments to calibrate the telescope polarization angle using the cosmic microwave background itself. Fourth, I will present my analysis characterizing the performance of and producing maps for the E and B Experiment. Fifth, I will present my research contributions to the readout system that used in the laboratory to operate kinetic inductance detectors, which are being developed for cosmic microwave background observations. Lastly, I will conclude with future prospects in the field of foregrounds and cosmic microwave background cosmology.


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Johnson, Bradley R.
Ph.D., Columbia University
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September 24, 2018