When Will Israel Get a Fair Deal?

Bases, Daniel J.

"What a time to ask for more money. The Israeli government under the leadership of Yitzhak Shamir, riding high on the wave of good-will earned for allowing Israelis to suffer over forty Scud missile attacks during the Gulf War, should have had an easier time in securing ten billion dollars in loan guarantees to alleviate the strain of supporting 1,000 new Israeli citizens a day. The flood of Soviet Jews into Israel was and still is considered an essential infusion of new lifeblood into the system. In just over two years, over 350,000 Soviet Jews have emigrated, in addition to the tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews airlifted at great expense. What better time, rather what more essential time, to ask for loan guarantees from the United States than now, when the realization of so many dreams for freedom are coming true?"--from page 11

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February 14, 2014