Golondrino y Calandria: an inedited Entremes of the 16th Century

Lincoln, G. L.

The following entremés—till now unpublished—is listed as No.1127 in Paz y Melia's “Catâlogo de Piezas de Teatro' Manuscritas” in the Biblioteca Nacional of Madrid, under the title of “Entremés entre un muchacho llamado Golondrino y dos amigos suyos llamados Garnica y Zaballos, y de Doña Calandria, amiga del Golondrino, y de Vicente, aragonés, rufian, y de Angela, zamorana, amiga del rufian.” The manuscript is of three leaves quarto. The writing is that of the end of the sixteenth century, presenting certain peculiarities of letter formation common to the much more important "Entremés de un viejo que es casado con una mujer moza," No. 1125, which bears the signatura of Cristóbal Chaves, possibly the author of La Carcel de Sevilla, and another commonly given to Cervantes.

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June 24, 2015


Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France